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PITTSBURGH – The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust announces Kaiju Big Battel: Multiple Choice Beasts will take place at 8:00 pm on Saturday, July 7, at the Byham Theater, 101 6th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. Kaiju Big Battel is the final installment in the 2017-18 Multiple Choice Events Series, returning after a sold-out performance in 2017 for Multiple Choice Versus. At 9:00 pm, the performance will be followed by a Fur Ball party at Katz Plaza, presented in collaboration with Anthrocon. This event is open to all ages.

In this live monster fighting spectacle, Planet Earth is under threat. Scattered throughout the galaxy lies a monstrous mob of maniacal villains, menacing alien beasts and giant, city-crushing monsters. The Kaiju Universe’s active roster of monsters includes a blue alien-glutton named Sky Deviler, a factory-worker-turned-soup-can named Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle, a dirty hare-sage dubbed Dusto Bunny, Uchu Chu the Space Bug and a despicable mad scientist known as Dr. Cube.

The Fur Ball party will feature DJ Inception spinning in Katz Plaza from 9:00 pm until midnight. Food trucks will be on site and Backstage Bar will remain open throughout the night.

The Multiple Choice Events Series is in its third year and hinges itself to community building and audience development for arts experiences within the Cultural District. Tickets ($25) are available online at, by calling 412-456-6666, in person at Theater Square Box Office, 655 Penn Avenue or night-of at the Byham Theater.

Please be advised that guests are welcome to wear costumes. In accordance with our Safety and Security Policies, the wearing of masks and application of face paint teenagers or adults is prohibited in the theater. Guests are welcome to wear costumes with masks and/or face paint at the Fur Ball party.

About Studio Kaiju
Studio Kaiju, an independent Boston-based performance and media group, is the creator of Kaiju Big Battel, the world’s only live monster mayhem spectacle. Producer of consistently sold-out events, Studio Kaiju is best known for its live tournament-style performances, which are a character driven, tongue-in-cheek hybrid of American pro-wrestling, Japanese monster-movies, and lowbrow pop-culture. Kaiju means “mysterious beast” in Japanese. Not to be confused with Kaijin, which means “mysterious human.”  These multi-media events, complete with over-sized monster-movie props, a towering “Danger Cage”, and miniature cityscape, can also be enjoyed from a safe distance thanks to the Kaiju Big Battel DVD series from KochVision and the Hyperion Books release Kaiju Big Battel: A Practical Guide to Giant City-Crushing Monsters.

Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has overseen one of Pittsburgh’s most historic transformations: turning a seedy red-light district into a magnet destination for arts lovers, residents, visitors, and business owners.  Founded in 1984, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is a non-profit arts organization whose mission is the cultural and economic revitalization of a 14-block arts and entertainment/residential neighborhood called the Cultural District.  The District is one of the country’s largest land masses “curated” by a single nonprofit arts organization.  A major catalytic force in the city, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is a unique model of how public-private partnerships can reinvent a city with authenticity, innovation and creativity.  Using the arts as an economic catalyst, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has holistically created a world-renowned Cultural District that is revitalizing the city, improving the regional economy and enhancing Pittsburgh’s quality of life.  Thanks to the support of foundations, corporations, government agencies and thousands of private citizens, the Trust stands as a national model of urban redevelopment through the arts.

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