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PITTSBURGH ̶ The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is pleased to announce the 2017-2018 EQT Bridge Theater Series will open its season with the area premier of juggling artists, Plastic Boom (United States and Sweden), who will perform Water on Mars, on December 15 and 16, 2017, at the August Wilson Center, 980 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.

Performances include: School Groups Matinee takes place on Friday, December 15, at 10:15 a.m.; Friday, December 15, at 7:00 p.m., and Saturday, December 16, at 2:00 p.m. Individual tickets (General admission: $12 at the door; $10.50 in advance)* can be ordered through these official Pittsburgh Cultural Trust ticket sources: online at, by calling 412-456-6666, or in person at the Box Office at Theater Square, 655 Penn Avenue. Groups of 10+ can order tickets by calling 412-471-6930 or visit Subscriptions and Flex Ticket Packages to the series are available by calling 412-456-1390. *Lap passes are not available for EQT Bridge Theater Series performances. All children must have a ticket.

Plastic Boom has teamed up with Gandini Juggling to produce Water on Mars– a meteoric, whiz of a show with virtuoso juggling gone wild and where juggling artists use a variety of props- anything you can think of and more – like chocolate, giant card castles, and magnetic jump ropes, while doing a backflip at the same time.  Designed for spaceships and distant planets, Water on Mars is the future of juggling!  The Plastic Boom troupe features Americans Tony Pezzo and Wes Peden and Patrik Elmnert from Sweden. 

Plastic Boom’s Water on Mars is a show of pure juggling, built by using juggling’s natural drama, humor, and airborne geometry. Stage Buddy raved, “A vision in neon … They infused their performance with humor and playfulness” and Yo Yo News shared, Absolutely incredible.”  The company received critical acclaim for this show during the Edinburgh Fringe (2016) and rave reviews when the show was first presented on tour, ‘…glorious mayhem…” While other reviewers shared, “What starts out as a beautifully dressed stage filled with lights and juggling paraphernalia ends in a wet, hoop-strewn mess, faced by an audience that simply can’t stop smiling.”

More press raved, “…the triumvirate fill the stage with electric energy, self-aware clumsiness and an endearing lack of grace. Rings, magnetic clubs and balls abound in a phantasmagoria of color and speed. Six hands make thousands of throws, catches and kicks, all while pulling off mind-bogglingly complex passing patterns.”  -The

“The neon dream team do well to keep the audience guessing, building up concepts of juggling then immediately dashing them. Deliberate drops, magnetic clubs and the idea that not everything thrown is supposed to be caught. Providing innovation and gently humorous moments.”

To watch a video clip:

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust presents a variety of family programming including the following series and festival.  For more information please visit

The EQT Bridge Theater Series (now in its third season, 2017-2018), for ages 7 and up, expands upon the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s mission of bringing artistic opportunities to children of all ages through culturally diverse performances that will continue to engage young audiences through participation, encouragement of and respect for their creative ideas and develop their interest in the arts.

The 2017-2018 EQT Bridge Theater Series, seriously adventurous theater for ages 6 and up, will feature:

Plastic Boom (United States and Sweden) in Water on Mars,
December 15 & 16, 2017, August Wilson Center (recommended for ages 6 +)

CDP Theatre Producers (Australia) in The 13-Story Treehouse,
January 27 & 28, 2018, August Wilson Center (recommended for ages 6+)

Kingorama (United States) in Feathers of Fire A Persian Epic,
March 2 & 3, 2018, August Wilson Center (recommended for ages 7+)

Slingsby Theatre Company (Australia) in The Young King (also part of the 2018 EQT Children’s Theater Festival),
May 17-20, 2018, Trust Arts Education Center (recommended for ages 7+)

The EQT Children’s Theater Festival (celebrating its 32nd year in 2018; May 17-20, 2018) is one of only four international children’s theater festivals in the nation. For the fourth year, the EQT Foundation, the charitable affiliation of EQT Corporation, will serve as the lead and title sponsor of the Children’s Theater Festival. The festival is known for performances and area premieres from artists around the world, free outdoor arts, music and installations, and unique free hands-on activities for any age. The festival welcomes everyone to participate in the educational and cultural experiences that bring people together while enjoying elements of fun and surprise.

The Citizens Bank Children’s Theater (now in its 48th season, 2017-2018), a division of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, opens the door for children to experience professional performing arts programming which inspires, challenges, educates, and stimulates respect for and an understanding of all cultures in an entertaining and enlightening way.  The series, for ages 3 and up, introduces children to the arts early in life sparking their interest and appreciation so they continue to enjoy and support the arts as they grow up.

A Pittsburgh Cultural Trust membership to support children’s programming is awesome. For more information, visit, email: or call 412-471-3518. Memberships to the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust help support a variety of cultural initiatives that not only enhance our individual lives, they transform our region in powerful ways. Member support keeps the arts relevant and accessible by funding groundbreaking works and curating world-class exhibits and free festivals, by providing innovative arts education and outreach, by stimulating downtown vibrancy and growth, by attracting diverse businesses, audiences and visitors, and by restoring Cultural District properties, creating a safer and livelier world-class destination.

Pittsburgh Cultural Trust The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has overseen one of Pittsburgh’s most historic transformations: turning a seedy red-light district into a magnet destination for arts lovers, residents, visitors, and business owners.  Founded in 1984, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is a non-profit arts organization whose mission is the cultural and economic revitalization of a 14-block arts and entertainment/residential neighborhood called the Cultural District.  The District is one of the country’s largest land masses “curated” by a single nonprofit arts organization.  A major catalytic force in the city, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is a unique model of how public-private partnerships can reinvent a city with authenticity, innovation and creativity.  Using the arts as an economic catalyst, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has holistically created a world-renowned Cultural District that is revitalizing the city, improving the regional economy and enhancing Pittsburgh’s quality of life.  Thanks to the support of foundations, corporations, government agencies and thousands of private citizens, the Trust stands as a national model of urban redevelopment through the arts.

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