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Pittsburgh, PA – The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust announces This Isn’t About You, work by Natasha Neira, will be on display from July 7 through August 27 at 709 Penn Gallery, 709 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh. The exhibit will open during the Cultural District Gallery Crawl on July 7, and an artist talk will be held July 21 at 7:00 p.m. in the gallery. Sliding scale donations from this exhibit will benefit the artist. 

This Isn’t About You turns patrons into voyeurs by encouraging them to sift through belongings in a stranger’s bedroom. The immersive installation works as a confessional piece, where the room, adorned with mixed elements of vintage ephemera, empty take-out boxes and talking furniture, offers a hazy glimpse into a retired party girl’s dream-like state of uncertainty and persona. 

“I looked at my own room from the outside and thought about the people I allowed in that space – what the room said about me and what it revealed to them,” Neira shares. “Other inspiration came from my minimal experience as a child beauty pageant contestant, where the idea of putting yourself on display is considered significantly less painful and embarrassing when wrapped in pink.”

Using the microcosm of one’s first bedroom as a young adult, the piece reflects upon those first steps into the realm of independent adulthood. The work dramatizes personal experience, and playfully toys with the notion of artist reliability.  Materials in the room are obnoxiously effeminate and reappropriated to showcase liminal areas of the past and present, reality and fiction. The work is intended to inspire patrons to consider the risks in fawning over nostalgia and sentimentality. 

Natasha Neira
Natasha Neira writes and makes art in Pittsburgh, PA. For more of her work, please visit or follow her on Instagram @plainmansfield.

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