Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Announces 2017 Multiple Choice Events, August Wilson Center

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source url LAUNCH PARTY | JANUARY 29, 2017 | 5:00PM


Pittsburgh, PA – The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is excited to announce the complete 2017 programming for the second season of Multiple Choice Events. Multiple Choice, a program developed by Randal Miller, Director of Dance Programming and Special Projects, allows individuals to decide how they wish to engage with a series of curated events programmed on a single evening: your night, you decide. The second season will begin with a launch party held on January 29, 2017 and feature five new editions.

Originally tasked with attracting a younger audience, the first season of Multiple Choice, featuring just two events, garnered audiences from ages 18-90, including a sell-out crowd. “We aim to offer people of all ages and backgrounds the ability choose how they engage with the event and, on a broader scale, with the Cultural District,” shares Miller, “the first season was incredibly successful in its ability to achieve the goal of reaching new and different people to the Cultural District and we look forward to broaden that reach in our second year.”

The new season of Multiple Choice Events will provide more options to choose from, feature five editions which will include Hip Hop revolutionaries, a groundbreaking guitarist, a live-monster fighting spectacle and more. At all Multiple Choice events, food court entry is free and available throughout the evening.

You own the night with Multiple Choice Events:
[A] Attend a show
[B] Go to a party
[C] Dine with our outdoor food vendors, or
[D] All of the above.

A launch party will be held on January 29, 2017 at 5:00 and7:30pm where Miller will discuss the origins and concept of the series and the lineup for the year. The launch party will lead into a firsthand experience of the series with Multiple Choice: Underground Hip Hop.

Underground Hip Hop
Sunday | January 29, 2017
First up, starting at 4:00pm is a Bboy/Bgirl competition featuring local and national breakers. The competition format will be 2 vs. 2 with prize monies of up to $400, trophies and tickets to a future Multiple Choice event.

Or, join us at 8:00pm when the battle takes to the stage for the semi-final and final round, follow by a performance with current a future legends of hip-hop, R.A. the Rugged Man and A-F-R-O. Few artists are ever as controversial as they are influential. New York legend R.A. the Rugged Man has lived up to such a moniker by simultaneously inspiring generations of rappers while being banned from every major record label’s offices and even barred from performing during the late-90s underground explosion. But by combining the authenticity of his undeniably rugged life with his undisputed mic skills and understanding of the genre as a Hip-Hop historian, his music has both survived and thrived, setting a standard for “Real MCs” that few have ever attempted to match. R.A. pioneered the truly independent indie-rap hustle, pressing his own vinyl singles and racking up one of the most impressive resumes in Rap history. A-F-R-O (All Flows Reach Out) is an 18-year old MC from Los Angeles, CA. He first gained notoriety in 2014 for an audio submission to R.A The Rugged Man’s ‘Definition of a Rap Flow’ contest, which quickly went viral. A-F-R-O quickly captured the attention of notable figures in music. Questlove is quoted as saying, “A-F-R-O is the future of Hip-Hop.” Queen Latifah personally requested him to perform on her talk show. A-F-R-O is now prepping upcoming EPs & has a consistent tour schedule, including festival appearances at SoundSet, Splash Festival, and more.

Craft Theater
Friday | April 7, 2017
See Shakespeare like you’ve never seen him before with Craft Theater featuring Shitfaced Shakespeare. The hilarious combination of an entirely serious adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with a single, entirely shit-faced cast member. Juxtaposing highbrow Shakespeare with raucous theatres (including a genuinely drunken professional actor), Shitfaced Shakespeare seeks to introduce a new generation of theater-goers to the world of the Bard by reviving the interactive, vibrant nature of Elizabethan theater with a modern twist.

Or, join us at 9:00pm for a crAfter party featuring local breweries and distilleries and adult crafting activities. All ages are welcome for the show. 

Saturday | June 24, 2017
Multiple Choice: Versus featuring Kaiju Big Battel is something you’ll have to see to believe. In this live monster fighting spectacle, Planet Earth is under threat. Scattered throughout the galaxy lies a monstrous mob of maniacal villains, menacing alien beasts and giant, city-crushing monsters. The Kaiju Universe’s active roster of monsters includes a blue alien-glutton named Sky Deviler, a factory-worker-turned-soup-can named Kung Fu Chicken Noodle, a dirty hare-sage dubbed Dusto Bunny, Uchu Chu the Space Bug and a despicable mad scientist known as Dr. Cube.

Or, join us at 9:00pm for Game Night after party. All ages are welcome for the show. 

Friday | August 25, 2017
Multiple Choice: Audio/Visual features composer and guitarist Kaki King, hailed by Rolling stone as “a genre unto herself.” Over the past 13 years the Brooklyn-based artist has release 8 extraordinarily diverse and distinctive albums, performed with icons such as Foo Fighters, Timbaland and the Mountain Goats, contributed to a variety of film and TV soundtracks, including Golden Globe-nominated work on Sean Penn’s Into The Wild, and played to an increasingly fervent following of music lovers on innumerable world tours. Provocative and moving, surprising and beautiful, “The Neck Is A Bridge To The Body” is Kaki King at her visionary best: deconstructing and redefining the role of solo instrumental artist though virtuoso technique, insatiable imagination, and boundless humanity. King’s groundbreaking new multi-media performance uses projection mapping to present the guitar as an ontological tabula rasa in a creation myth unlike any other.

Or, join us at 9:00pm for a dance party.

Locally Sourced
Saturday | October 24, 2017
Multiple Choice: Locally Sourced features a Variety Hour, showcasing the best Pittsburgh has to offer. Featuring performers who live or work within 50 miles of the city, each performer has up to 10 minutes to show off their skills and creativity. The lineup will be announced prior to the event.

Or, join us at 9:00pm for a speed painting competition and after party, where 12 of Pittsburgh’s visual artists will be given 30 minutes and a blank canvas to create works that will be judged by the audience. The top four artists from the preliminary rounds will face off in a second round of painting to determine the winner. At the end of the evening, the art pieces will be auctioned off with the proceeds going directly to the artists. Age 21+ only.

Tickets for the Multiple Choice events begin at $5 and are available online at www.TrustArts.org, by calling 412-456-6666 or in person at the Box Office at Theater Square, 655 Penn Avenue.

August Wilson Center
The sleek and modern August Wilson Center offers multiple exhibition galleries, a 472-seat theater for performances in all genres, an education center for classes, lectures and hands-on learning, and dazzling spaces for community programs and events.  The African American Cultural Center is the non-profit organization that owns the August Wilson Center. For rental inquiries, visit the African American Cultural Center pages on CulturalDistrict.org.  For more information and a calendar of events presented by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust taking place at the August Wilson Center, call 412-456-6666 or visit www.TrustArts.org,www.trustarts.org/visit/facilities/august_wilson.

Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has overseen one of Pittsburgh’s most historic transformations: turning a seedy red-light district into a magnet destination for arts lovers, residents, visitors, and business owners. Founded in 1984, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is a non-profit arts organization whose mission is the cultural and economic revitalization of a 14-block arts and entertainment/residential neighborhood called the Cultural District. The District is one of the country’s largest land masses “curated” by a single nonprofit arts organization. A major catalytic force in the city, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is a unique model of how public-private partnerships can reinvent a city with authenticity, innovation and creativity. Using the arts as an economic catalyst, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has holistically created a world-renowned Cultural District that is revitalizing the city, improving the regional economy and enhancing Pittsburgh’s quality of life. Thanks to the support of foundations, corporations, government agencies and thousands of private citizens, the Cultural Trust stands as a national model of urban redevelopment through the arts.

Follow us on Twitter @CulturalTrust, and like us on Facebook.

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